Friday, January 18, 2008


It's official.. Mason has been walking all over the past week and a half or so. He is walking all over thye house & exploring everything. I can't believe my BABY is 1 and walking!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Good -Bye Corey!

Saturday we went & had lunch with my family ( except my dad) to see my brother for the last time before he left early Sunday morning. He is in the Marines and is going to North Carolina for 2-3 months for some training and then he's off to Africa for about 8 months! He will be gone almost all of this year. We are going to miss him & hope he stays safe while he is gone!

Family pictures

Mason's 4- wheeler

This was Mason's Xmas present from his Gr & Gr. Bishop ( my parents) I think this is the Cutest thing in the world! Mason can sit on his own and press the button on the handle bars to go forward. As soon as he presses the button to go he stops & claps his hands & laughs.

Christmas Day


Thought I'd put a few pictures on here of Mason on Christmas. The past couple weeks have been a little crazy and have just flown by! I can't believe Mason already turned a year old the end of December. Christmas has already come & gone, New Year's is over! everything went by so fast.. now what?!
Chris' sister and her family stayed with us for the week and a half they were here from North Dakota. The rest of the family was here for about the same amount of time. We got to do some fun things while they were here. We haven't seen our nieces & nephews for a couple of years so that was exciting! Can't believe how much they have all grown.
Christmas eve was spent with Chris' family where all the kids opened presents from Gr & Gr. First thing Xmas morning we headed over to my parents house & opened presents with my family. Poor Mason was up pretty much all night Xmas Eve throwing up so it was a long night & next day. Later on Xmas day we were off to visit both grandparents & then back down to BEAUTIFUL Sahuarita to see Chris'family. The day flew by since we were running around so much & little Mason still didn't feel good.
We all had a wonderful time spending it with our families.
Mason passed the stomach bug on to me & then Chris & then to Danielle, my mom & my niece Cheyenne & then my sis in law.. luckily it ended there! NOT FUN!